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We are a student-run, all-purpose communication agency at Bellarmine University. At NEXU, we are working with clients and producing real-world results.

From creating a brand to sharing it with the world,

NEXU can help every step of the way.


Connect. Collaborate. Create.

What can we do for you? Contact us!

Lukas Sedelmeier

Lukas Sedelmeier is a senior majoring in communication and design, arts, technology (DAT). He works as a social media intern with the NoeVal Group, where he films, edits and schedules personal finance focused TikTok videos. His passions include video production, photography, animation, design and social media. He is very excited to work with his NEXU clients and bring his creative skills to the table.

Kiana Stallard

Kiana Stallard is a senior digital art and design, art, and technology double major. She is a Knights of Color mentor and enjoys being with her peers and students. She is a BecVar Artist in Residence and does marketing for North Point Church of Christ. Her passions include website design, photography, videography, logo creation, and anything that has to do with the Adobe Creative Cloud. Kiana plans to pursue a career in 3D modelling and animation and eventually open her own company. She looks forward to putting her skills to work, while also enhancing them, for NEXU clients.

Katherine Barr

Katherine Barr is a business administration and marketing major with a minor in marketing communication. She interns at Congo Brands and has been there for more than a year. She is a marketing strategist and analyst intern Alani Nutrition and Prime. Katherine is involved with American Marketing Association as president and is a college brand ambassador for Alani Nutrition. She plans events on campuses sampling Alani energy drinks. Outside of school, Katherine is involved in the fashion community. She is part of Vogue Club, a fashion community created by "Vogue" magazine. She has attended Coco Rocha Model Camp, attended New York Fashion Week and had an article written about her in "Vogue" magazine in December 2022.

Kimberly Alonzo

Kimberly Alonzo is a dedicated junior pursuing a degree in communication, with a minor in marketing and digital media. Beyond the classroom, Kimberly showcases her skills on the Chick-fil-A food truck, where she manages media content coordination. With a keen eye for the evolving world of corporate communication, Kimberly aspires to use her talents and knowledge at a prominent beverage alcohol corporation.

Emma Johnson

Emma Johnson is a senior communication major with a minor in marketing communication. Emma is a marketing intern for Media Venue where she helps manage its social media presence, executes market research and writes client recommendations and blog posts. Her interests include social media marketing, advertising and event planning. She is looking forward to using and growing her skills with her NEXU clients and teammates.

Madison Rastocny

Madison Rastocny is pursuing her undergraduate degree in communication with a minor in digital media. She is also in the early entry MBA program at Bellarmine University. She is the president of the Women’s Club Volleyball Team and a social media coordinator at Dan-O’s Seasoning. She plans to bring her social media coordination experience from Dan-O’s and her teamwork skills from her experience as club volleyball president to better support her NEXU clients.

Seth Barber

Seth Barber is a Junior Communications and Design, Art, & Technology major. He is passionate about audio, photo, and video editing, as well as writing and web design. Seth hopes to use these passions to contribute to creative projects for a career in marketing. He looks forward to improving his skills alongside his NEXU team.

Grace Leone

Grace Leone is a junior communications major with a minor in photography. She works on campus in the Office of Financial Aid as well as in the residence halls as a resident assistant. Grace is active on campus through her role as president of Alpha Lamba Delta, her membership in National Residence Hall Honorary, and her work with the art department. Her passions include music, photography and nature. Grace hopes to use her degree to bridge communication and photography by working in the concert and travel industries. She looks forward to building her communication portfolio and getting hands-on experience working with clients through the NEXU Agency.

Hallie Elmore

Hallie Elmore is a design, arts, & technology major with a minor in communication. She just started an internship at Adidas where she is in charge of marketing to consumers by making floor sets and displays to push sales. She also worked with the Louisville Repertory Company and did social media headers and profile picture logos for upcoming shows. She enjoys designing print work like brochures and posters as well as logos and other branding details. She also has experience in business writing, building websites and video editing.

Wesley Lynch

Wesley Lynch is in her last semester as a communication major with a marketing communication minor. She is a marketing/project intern for SCHOTT HomeTech, a German glass company. Wesley is highly skilled in technical writing, market research techniques, Canva design and creative problem solving. She plans to pursue a career in marketing or social media management upon graduation in December. Wesley looks forward to broadening her skills in NEXU and helping her group’s clients reach their goals.

Susan Lin

Susan Lin is a senior majoring in digital arts and design, arts and techonology with a minor in marketing communication. She is passionate in graphic design, typography and branding. She has previously worked as a social media and art gallery and events intern at Arts Alliance of Southern Indiana. She has experience working with client on an advertising campaign as a graphic designer and also developing logos for rising small businesses. She looks forward to bringing her creative skills and taking a vision and turning it into reality for her team and her NEXU clients.

Irlanda Flores Argote

Irlanda Flores Argote is a senior double majoring in business administration and marketing and minoring in marketing communications. She is the student director of Knights Pantry. Her passions include giving back to her community, photography, videography and writing. She is excited to start this new journey with her NEXU team and clients.

Stacie Shain
NEXU Advisor

Bellarmine faculty member and NEXU adviser Stacie Shain is an award-winning communication professional with more than 20 years experience in public relations, corporate communication, advertising and journalism. Before she returned to teaching full time, Stacie was most recently the advertising and public affairs chief for the U.S. Army Indianapolis Recruiting Battalion and received the Recruiting Command's highest award in 2008 when she was named Program Specialist of the Year.

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