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Current Clients 

This student-run agency needed a name, logo, website and mission statement. The founding members determined the services they could offer clients and the primary objectives of the agency. 

Bellarmine Heritage Society

The Bellarmine Heritage Society was in need of high-quality videos to encourage potential donors to provide endowed scholarships for students at the university.

Kentucky Psychological Foundation 

Kentucky Psychological Foundation needed help with creating a new website, formulating a social media plan, rebranding and creating brochures to spread psychological awareness throughout Kentucky.  

Bellarmine President's Society 

The Bellarmine President's Society needed help creating a video honors several of their donors. 

Past Clients 

Bellarmine Student Veterans’ Association
Mission Behind Bars and Beyond

The Bellarmine Student Veterans’ Association needed help to plan the first event of a three-part seminar series that focused on the transition of veterans into civilian life. The series was called “Warrior to Scholar to Leader.”

Mission Behind Bars and Beyond (MB3) needed creative promotional materia. We produced four distinct videos that promoted each part of MB3's mission. They also requested updates for their website.

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