Turquoise Projects

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Have a Heart Clinic came to

NEXU for help with a social media calendar and video content.

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Derby City Dynamite came to NEXU seeking help with social media posts like this and an updated website.

Evolve502 asked for a six-month social media plan,

which included graphics like this.


Greater Clark  sought help designing a thank you card

and newsletter.

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I'm Changing the Narrative

asked NEXU to create a merchandise website.


Dress for Success sought help with promotional videos for social media.

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New Pioneers for a Sustainable Future asked for help redesigning its website.

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Lifehouse Maternity Home was looking for help promoting its services via a brochure and social media plan.

Orange Projects

Kentucky Psychological Foundation needed help with its website monthly social media plans like this.


The Center for Women and Families asked NEXU to brainstorm ideas for a campaign.

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Friend for Life sought help creating social media posts and a social media plan.

Mount St. Francis sought help with videos like this.

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The Boys and Girls Club was looking for help with social media posts and a social media plan.


The Bellarmine University Donor College sought help creating logos and other branding.

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The Kentucky Waterways Alliance

asked for help creating social media posts and a social media plan.

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Choices came to NEXU seeking help with a brochure.

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I Would Rather Be Reading came to NEXU seeking assistance with a flier, brochure and social media posts.