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Honor Flight Kentucky

Honor Flight Projects:

1) Build a working media list for Central and Eastern Kentucky

2) Create social media posts

3) Website audit

4) PowerPoint template

5) Prezi presentation

6) Pizza-box stickers

7) Airplane cutout

8) Brochure update

Detailed Breakdown

Build a working media list for Central and Eastern Kentucky:

NEXU created a working media list for Honor Flight Kentucky. We compiled a list of 50 contacts in newspaper, radio and television.

Social media posts:

We created a document with images and text called Today in History. Each significant moment in World War II is outlined with brief text and an image for Honor Flight Kentucky to post on their social media pages.

Airplane cutout - Brochure update - Pizza-box stickers:

We created custom formats for an airplane cutout, a brochure and pizza-box stickers. The airplane cutouts can be used at restaurants and gas stations as a form of donation and awareness. The brochure now focuses on three distinct offerings. Pizza-Box stickers can raise awareness in other areas of Kentucky.

Website audit:

We performed a website audit of Honor Flight Kentucky's Website. Our recommendations included removing unnecessary menus on the homepage, deleting redundant information and focusing on some of the great video and pictures already on display.

PowerPoint template:

We created the PowerPoint template design for Honor Flight Kentucky. The template is unique, with 14 distinct slides and incorporates their primary colors red, white and blue.

Prezi presentation:

We created an interactive Prezi that contains all the content for Honor Flight training.

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