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Knights Media Network

Knights Media Network Objective:

Raise Awareness on Bellarmine Campus

NEXU Agency accomplished these tasks:

1) Partnered with a Bellarmine student artist for laptop stickers and can holder design

2) Created promotional videos for sporting events

3) Live reading sample for broadcast at sporting events

4) Instagram account samples

Laptop stickers and can holders

NEXU partnered with a Bellarmine University art student for laptop sticker designs. The student had already created some unique eye catching drawings that Knights Media Network could use. We plan to use these designs with the Knights Media Network website in the outlines to draw more visitors to the website.

Promotional videos

We worked to create a fast-paced video to show at sporting events. This video showcases pictures of Bellarmine Students who are the subjects of many posts on the Knights Media Website.

Live read

We created a live demo of a broadcast for games. The script was created for announcers to read at sporting events to raise awareness and interest in Knights Media Network.

Social media

We put together several sample Instagram posts to draw visitors to the Knights Media Website.

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