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Mission Behind Bars and Beyond

Mission Behind Bars and Beyond (MB3) became a client during the 2016 fall semester with goals to develop their website, update their brochure and create videos to present the goals of the non-profit organization.

NEXU Agency accomplished these tasks:

1) Website audit and re-design

2) Four videos

3) Brochure design

Website Audit and Re-design

We presented the MB3 website re-design to our clients. After completing an intensive audit on the original website, our suggestions were approved and we were able to make all the edits and additions to the website. This website is vital to MB3’s ability to connect with the community.


We took MB3’s original brochure and filled it with life. While the old brochure had primarily stock images, we included photos of real participants of MB3 along with volunteers that are vital to their programs. We re-organized the text to share detailed information to the readers.

Four Videos: Special Topics

We interviewed MB3’s current leaders, volunteers and success stories to bring the following promotional videos. View all of them below.

Mission & Vision - Explains what MB3 is about and why it is important for society.

Success Stories - Two individuals who have accomplished much from MB3’s help share their stories.

Volunteer Video - Presents what qualifications are necessary and the rewards of volunteering.

Current Stories - The current participants of MB3 share their relationship with MB3.

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