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Nexu Agency Founders


Bellarmine University School of Communication


The first assignment we had was to brand our agency. We wanted a name and logo that represented who we are and what we do.


  • We decided on the name NEXU, which is Latin for “connection.” As a strategic communication agency, it is our job to connect with the client and connect the client to its target audience.

  • We created a bold, modern look for our logo that is a visual representation of our core values.

  • We created a mission statement for our agency that outlines exactly what our goals are. We want each member of the NEXU team to keep the mission in mind when working on client projects: “We merge vision and strategy to meet your goals. Connect. Collaborate. Create.”

  • We created our agency’s website. This website allows potential clients to get a feel for who we are as an agency and to review our work for other clients.

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